Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hatred: An Ode

I guess "hatred" is sort of a strong word. But what I feel is kind of in the ballpark (yes, I've gotten kind of sensitive about my topic today :).

I logged on today here, after a year, to post something new; and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a dramatically changed Blogger. It was disorienting. It took me a full seven minutes to even figure out how to get to this little page here, where I am currently typing, and no doubt, it will take quite a bit more time to figure other stuff out.

And, my question is: why? Why dramatically change what was working (instead of incrementally)?

It was like this on Gmail. There was nothing wrong with Gmail. In fact, there was so "nothing wrong with it", that Gmail went from zero to incredibly popular very quickly a few years ago when it came out. Yet, despite the fact that tens of millions of loyal Gmail users wanted no change, and had absolutely no complaints to make about Gmail, and were entirely uninclined to spend even a minute - let alone an hour or two - trying to find out where Google's software nerds have just hidden all their favourite features in the new program they didn't want, Google went ahead and changed everything anyway. Were there any user surveys? Of course not. Any preliminary market research? No. Any responses to the widespread dissatisfaction with their lousy overhaul? Far too much to hope for. Out of curiosity one day, I searched for hours trying to find any thread or forum where more than a slim minority liked the new Gmail changes. Almost everyone hated them.

It is not that I am against change. That would be crazy. It is that I am against mindless change, with regards to things that matter - like, when people say they are going to vote for one party or another, because they want "change", without ever contemplating for even a second what specifically they think needs changing, and for what reasons, and what shape that change ought to take. That kind. Or the kind that takes a much-valued good or service, and suddenly, dramatically changes it, just because. Just because the new CEO smelt the urine of the last CEO on the hydrant, and had to lift his leg and pee all over it to mask his predecessor's lingering presence, and for no other reason.

Anyway, I have spent a year away from my blog, and I intend to write on it more regularly. That is, if I can figure out how to use the newly reconfigured Blogger :)

(For those brave few who may want more exposure to my Town-Crank-on-Steroids bloviations, send me a Facebook friend request, and read some of the threads there).


zoob said...

Glad you're back.

Anne said...
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Anne said...

So happy to see your post!

fortunat said...

Also glad you are back and LOVE your fb comments! I look forward to your status updates everyday.

JB said...

It's unfair to say that there were no tests done before changes were made to Gmail. How do you know? Unless, of course, Larry or Sergey dropped you a (g)mail after this little vent, explaining how they do things (highly unlikely; nay, TOTALLY won't happen).
I'll admit, the changes to Blogger suck, and using it on a mobile platform is pathetic, but if you're struggling with Gmail, and complaining about it, perhaps you should consider going back to writing letters. I've been using gmail for years, and nothing comes close to it. Gmail, in my humble opinion, is one of the reasons email is not dead.

Tal said...

JB - I have used Gmail since it began. My complaint is about the changes introduced. There is almost no one that I can find, online or in person, who likes them.

JB said...

Well sir, you have just met a man who doesn't mind the changes at all, and even welcomes most. Perhaps my gratitude outweighs my griefs ;-P

Blogger, on the other hand, just plain sucks. I'd like to subscribe to your posts via email, but it doesn't seem there's an option for that. I'm not on Facebook. How do I subscribe? You could set up Feedburner, but it's quite a bit of a mission. Dunno if a mere musician is capable of such a feat. ;-P