Saturday, August 7, 2010

On Hold

Hi everyone - I'm on hold. I've been traveling and doing things with the kids and just haven't had much of a chance to type anything worthwhile. I hope to post something again soon.

Hope everyone's having a good summer.

Talk to you soon,



Daniel said...

Hey Tal,

Just started reading your blog recently, but am loving it. Hope you are having a great summer with your kids and can't wait until you start blogging some more!

zalia said...

Look forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well, Tal.

Had a dream some time ago of you giving me 6 purple tulips, very sweet. I just have to say thank you for the flowers. Tulips are a spring flower, early June is their peak.

I'm on fb, you should stop by and say hi. You will know my page, we can have a tea party. I'll have cake for us and you can bring more flowers. Your friends can come too.

Don't worry, since I run like a girl it will be slow enough for you and friends to catch up to me.


CodyAnne. said...

We'll still be here when you return! Your kids are definitely more important. Hope you are enjoying your family time & travels!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tal,
I'm sure you had a nice summer with you kids. Nice they are in school now though heh. Take a breath.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tal,

Do you ever get "friends" on Facebook spamming you with quotes of the 12 apostles or quoting the Book of Mormon, or telling you that the Book of Mormon is now available in Japanese? Just wondering, and sorry for this... it looks like spam too.

Just wondering... "What would Tal do?"

Ted Ratcliffe

Anonymous said...

Hey Tal,

Are you there yet?

I just made some awesome double fudge brownies and am looking for a place to hang out and have some. I'd really like to put my feet up, have a warm soft brownie while I ( and all of your fans) read about how you spent you summer vacation.

Don't disappoint!

Ruth said...

Just listened to you with Drew Marshall - Loved it! The two of you had me in stitches laughing. You're a thinker too....gave me some food for thought.