Saturday, March 21, 2009

Special Olympics Bowling

So Barack Obama is getting crucified today because the other night on the Jay Leno Show, he said, in referring to his inability to bowl, that it was "like Special Olympics or something".

I don't understand the world anymore. It's like the most popular pastime out there is waiting around trying to see or hear something to get offended by, after which the challenge is to make the biggest fuss possible about the offense. And if you can somehow launch a lawsuit over your wounded feelings, even better. Meanwhile, the offender has to grovel and bootlick until the offended party announces that enough is enough. It's like some weird perverted master-slave ritual which people now participate in, unquestioningly, instantly.

One of the all-time classic idiotic examples of this came a few years ago, when a (white) comptroller for the city of Washington, D.C. used the adjective "niggardly", and was forced to resign his job because of the word's similarity to the "n word". That "niggardly" is an ancient word, probably of Old Norse origin, which has no relationship whatsoever to the corrupted Spanish word for black ("negro") which is the "n word", was too complicated a fact for many of the offended to understand.

Anyway, I don't know why the Special Olympics people had to freak out over a stupid joke. If I were the president of that organization, I think I would have said, in the best of humour, "President Obama has thrown the gauntlet down, so I want to formally invite him to stand up to his challenge, and to compete in a charity bowling tournament against some of our Special athletes. President Obama, you name the day!". And Obama couldn't refuse without looking like a total dweeb. And that way, the organization gets tons of publicity, MONEY, public support, and they don't look like just another pack of whiners waiting around to feel offended.

Just my two cents,



June said...

I think you are absolutely right and the challenge would have been a perfect solution to the so called insult.All we seem to see are negative ,critical comments.Vultures just waiting for a slip up.If that is what passes for news these days,its a sorry state.

Mike said...

Can anyone tell me how to submit some country songs I have written to country singers? Do they take them if it's only lyrics and no music?Grateful for any help.

MotherToMany said...

Tal, I completely agree. I watched Leno and never even recognized the comment until the next day when the news started to cover it.

The World has Gone Mad, as you say and this is simply more evidence to that. WTF is wrong with people?!

So much for free speech, not even the President of the US can say what they want without kissing shoes and apeasing the public. PC terms have gone too far.

Also, it wasn't even the "special needs" people who were offended. It was their parents!!! OMFG! Get over yourselves!

C. L. Hanson said...

Haha -- I hadn't heard about this incident, but I agree that would have been a clever way for the special Olympics folks to respond to it.

~Jen~ said...

welcome to the world of entitled crybabies....they certainly missed the boat on how to spin this to their advantage alright...

rachael chatoor said...

An excellent example of 'a World Gone Mad'. Solid suggestion on a better way to deal, certainly worth more than 02 cents.

Hally said...

You could say I'm as confused as a little Special Olympics kid trying to understand geometry, when it comes to this... :P

The only offense here is Obama's bowling. The Special Olympics kids could totally kick his ass.

ginamarie said...

Watching people in the media now...they are coming off as speaking more awkwardly. That's because everyone is second guessing whether to say something that might now be PC. Ridiculous.
I heard a comedic performance, forgot who. I thought it was so funny,like, why can't you call someone a "midget", you have to call them a "dwarf" or "little people". When did we start making words in themselves so bad?