Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ten Worst Things

10.) The worst picture of Hilary Clinton: See left.

9.) The worst fast-food restaurant: Burger King.

8.) The worst Beatles song: "Revolution #9".

7.) The worst car: AMC Gremlin.

6.) The worst NBA executive: tie between Isaiah Thomas and Stu Jackson.

5.) The worst make-up: now that Tammy Faye Bakker is dead, Gloria Allred.

4.) The worst hair on a male TV personality: Ted Koppel.

3.) The worst non-fiction best-seller of the past five years: "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.

2.) The worst big movie of the year: "Twilight".

1.) The worst NHL team name: tie between The Predators (you're supposed to pick a specific predator) and The Senators (who names a sports team after politicians?).

Post your ten worst things below!


the wolf said...

Worst Sitcom Ever: Makin' It (1979)
Worst Fall Ever Taken: Karl Wallenda (1978)
Worst Urban Legend: Mikey's death via Coke and Pop-Rocks
Worst Rock Band (All-Time): The Frogs
Worst NHL Player Ever: Brian Curran (various teams)
Worst Wurst: Blood Tongue
Worst Prediction Ever: The North Pole icecap will melt within a few years. -Al Gore
Worst Car Name: VW Touareg
Worst Weather Of 2009: Today
Worst Rock Lyrics, Ever:
"Billy Mack is a detective down in Texas
You know he knows just exactly what the facts is
He ain't gonna let those two escape justice
He makes his livin' off of the people's taxes"

Whoo, open a window...

Draper Phil said...

Worst Beatles song.... I have to agree, nothing is as useless as that thing called Revolution #9. There are a few others on the same album that aren't really worthy of them. Not to say the "white album" is bad - it has several great songs on it - but, there are a few tracks on there that should have been cut.

Now... worst Zeppelin song: many might say "Hat's Off...", but I disagree. I really never cared for Houses of the Holy (the title track of the GREAT 5th album which curiously is not on the HotH album, but is found on the 6th album, Physical Grafiti, which is also great, this one song notwithstanding.)

Trisha said...

Worst turn off-Belching,farting men
Worst use of money-war in Iraq lasting so long
Worst song-Rockin'Robin
Worst music-old time country and western
Worst dance-square
Worst snot-Simon Cowell
Worst pain in the rear-drunken people who make fools of themselves
Worst annoyance-kids with no manners or parental rules
Worst drink-tea hate that after taste,especially if its luke warm

Tal said...

Draper Phil

My worst Zeppelin songs are "Darlene" and "Hot Dog"...truly ridiculous

Amy said...

Worst Newscast(er): (tie) Keith Olberman/Chris Matthews
Worst Cancellation of a Series: Jericho
Worst Fashion Fad: Sagging -
Worst Outdoor Decor for Christmas: Anything run by a fan.
Worst Overused Quote from a film: "I'm the King of the World" (Titanic)
Worst Tasting Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean: (tie) Earthworm/Vomit
Worst Steroetypical Country Song: "Ticks"(Brad Paisley)
Worst Title of a Children's Book: "Cooking with Pooh"
Worst Chain Restaurant: Red Lobster
Worst Smell Ever: The Staten Island Dump (doused with lemon verbena)

JessicaS said...

Worst food: Soured herring(a Swedish so-called delicacy)

Worst color of a car: White(yes...I'm that lucky)

Worst song: How Will I Know by Whitney Houston

Worst actor: Steven Segal

Worst movie remake: Planet of the Apes

Worst movie of 2008: Righteous Kill

Am I really the only person in Sweden reading this blog?
I can't really remember how I found my way in here but it was fun especially since your first album has been amongst my favorites since it came out:)

Draper Phil said...

Ha!! Indeed, those two songs are very silly. something slightly humorous about Hot Dog lyrically. Funnily, they actually played that one live at Knebworth.

Ashlynne said...

lmao my mother actually owned a Gremlin. And it was, indeed, a true horror:O

My vote for worst NHL team: The Senators.

Ashton said...

10.)Worst War: Veitnam
9.)Worst Videogame: Shaq Fu, (Game Featuring Shaq)
8.)Worst Genre of Book: Teen-Fantasy (i.e. Twilight)
7.)Worst Disease: im not gonna touch this one
6.)Worst Grammatical Mistake People Regularly Make: Different than for different from
No: This setup is different than the one at the main office.

Yes: This setup is different from the one at the main office.

Yes: This setup is better than the one at the main office.

5.)Worst Movie Made from a book: Twilight
4.)Worst Movie Made from a comic strip: Hulk (first Incredible Hulk movie, not the recent one)
3.)Worst Celebrity Relationship: Brittney/K-Fed
2.)Worst Crime in Relation to Smartness/Intellegence: O.J. stealing back his memoribilia and attempted kidnapping.
1.)Worst Thing(s) They DON'T Teach You In High School: How to do your taxes, How to understand women, How to take care of insurance and set up a bacnk account, and How to perfect the perfect slapshot.

Post Script: Although I admit the Predators and the Senators are pretty bad names, but what about the Wild?

Predator Player: "Yuh man I'm a Predator!"

Senator Player: "Predators got nuthin! I'm a senator!"

Wild Player: "YEAH IM A WILD!"

Senator/Predator: *Quizzical looks*

Tal said...

Hey Ashton, under "what they don't teach you in high school", you forgot "how to spell" :P

Let's play hockey this afternoon

Rick said...

Where do you guys play hockey and do you need any more players?

rachael said...

Worst tasting food (like) item: Vegemite

Worst vehicle idea: Mercedes mini- van

Worst woman driver ever:

Worst disaster in my lifetime: the boxing day tsunami in Indonesia

Worst economic forecasters: all the people in this clip who scoffed at Peter Schiff throughout 2006-2007.

Amy, I'm totally with ya on the Worst outdoor xmas decor: anything with a fan.

Worst invention: the inflatable dartboard.

Person with the worst sense of spacial awareness:

Worst lie fed to us: that we are 'free'

Jessica your photos are stunning!
Steven Segal eh? I actually have a true Steven Segal story. Last May he was one of the judges in a contest that I won, when his 'Simon Cowell' moment came, his remark was, "Man, she can sing in my band anytime!" no word of a lie, here is a link.

bryn said...

10) worst kids toy: the Playmobil "Security Checkpoint" play set, or their "Safe Crackers (Thieves)" set (that's pretty much a tie).

9) Best customer reviews to read for a serious laugh: reviews for said toys.

8)Worst Jamaican accent: Brad Pitt in "Meet Joe Black".

7)Best/worst movie: "Meet Joe Black".

6) worst career move: 5 words- Cuba Gooding Jr. Snow Dogs.

5)Worst look: Carrot Top, hands down.

4)Worst "fashion statement": visible thongs.

3)Worst garment: Jeans with built in visible DENIM THONG. I'm serious, those exist. I'm sorry to have had to tell you that...

2)worst song ever: "Cotton Eye Joe" by REDNEX.
to quote Blender-"just what the world needed: a Swedish techno-bluegrass cover"...

1) worst movie prop: Fat suits. specifically: Eddie Murphy in a fat suit. Leave it alone man! take off the suit- step away from the suit. How many times do we have to endure you sporting a fat suit and making farting jokes? seriously. Just be funny again. Hugh Grant got caught with a hooker too, you don't see him paying penance with seemingly endless years of lowball, mediocre "comedy".

Tal said...


We play street hockey around the Cadboro Bay/Gordon Head area (we're in Victoria, BC). We play rugby, too, usually just two handed touch since we have little kids playing. If you want to join us, drop me an email at

CodyAnne said...

The only thing good that came out of Revolution #9 was an easy pick for the Beatles Rock Band release, which we have already preordered. Haha.