Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ten Best Things

10.) The best peanut butter: Jif Extra Crunchy.

9.) The best acoustic guitar for the money: Yamaha FG-720S (and 730S).

8.) The best overall temperature: 68 degrees (no wind chill).

7.) The best fitness magazine: Men's/Women's Fitness RX.

6.) The best wheat ale: Widmer, from Portland, Oregon.

5.) The best birthday activity: paintball.

4.) The best NHL captain: Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames.

3.) The best actor under forty: Leonardo DiCaprio.

2.) The best men's clothes manufacturer: Boss.

1.) The best overall cut of meat: rib steak.

Add your suggestions below.


Gretel Shuvzwichinstov said...

I disagree with the crunchy part, but Jif is the best PB, by far.

I also agree that Widmer = yum, but there are some other good wheat beers out of Portland. One of my favorites is Cascade Brewing Company's Raspberry Wheat ale.

Best place to buy awesome socks: www.sockdreams.com

Best new/used/OOP bookstore: Powell's Books www.powells.com

JessicaS said...

Living in Sweden I don't have a favorite when it comes to PB;)
But some other favorite things...

Best movie I've seen this year(so far): American Gangster
The best outdoor temperature: 14 degrees(yes, converted to that strange Fahrenheit...)
Best music right now: The album "Send Away The Tigers" by the Manic Street Preachers
Best relaxation: To spend a day hiking in beautiful winter weather together with my dogs
Best thing to drink right now: Coca cola with sliced lemon

Tal said...

Jessica, have you heard about the Canucks signing Mats Sundin?

June said...

Best fish and chips...Shags
Best music...CCR ,Gordon Lightfoot
Best beer...ginger beer
Best passtime...handgun marksmanship
Best marmalade...Robertson's lime
Best choc...Fry's Turkish Delight

Ashlynne said...

Yeah, Jif extra crunchy!

Excuse me, I'm going to make a peanut butter sandwich;P

Gretel Shuvzwichinstov said...

June - I have to agree that ginger beer is the best. What I don't get is why I can find ginger ale (yuck) in every store with drinks, but I have to trudge down to the liquor store, or a place that sells exotic types of sodas, to get a bottle of ginger beer.

~Jen~ said...

RIP Shags....I will miss your fish and chips.

June said...

Jen, what happened to Shags? I only get to Victoria a couple of times a year and they were in operation this past summer.Sounds like it's time for a funeral wreath on the front door.Sob,Sob.

You can get the ginger beer in cans at most English shops and also President's Choice at No Frills supermarkets here in Alberta carry the 2 litre bottles.

Lots of sugar in them but Arrrr Mateys,there be nothing' like it!

Chris Norris said...

Adapted for a brit.

10.) The best cheese: Extra mature cheddar.
9.) The best gadget for the money: ipod touch.
8.) The best weather: Icy, fresh with aqua blue skies.
7.) The best magazine: Focus. Science made amazing.
6.) The best brewery: Coniston Brewery, Lake District
5.) The best birthday activity: Eating a curry and sinking Cobras with friends.
4.) The best RL player ever seen play: Ellery Hanley, Wigan.
3.) The best actor: Philip Glenister, Life on Mars, Demons.
2.) The best men's clothes manufacturer: Curtis & Hawes, London.
1.) The best overall cut of meat: Loin of lamb.

June said...

Rest in Peace Patrick McGoohan ( today.. from a short illness)

Number 6 will finally find out who number 1 is,for those of us old enough to get it.

The Prisioner would certainly be in my top 10 of t.v. shows from the 60's.

the wolf said...

You can watch episodes of The Prisoner right here.

Totally agree on Jif Extra Crunchy!

rachael said...

Peanut Butter: Adam's 100% Natural Crunchy

Best acoustic guitar for the money: Art and Lutherie

Best Fitness Magazine: The free one in the waiting room at the doctors office. ;)

Best beer to drink on a tropical beach: Carib

Best Birthday activity: White Water Rafting (37th).

Best gadget for the money: Vibrator

Best actor under 40: Edward Norton

Best chocolate: dark chocolate truffles

Best You Tube video: Charlie bit my finger

Best musical collaboration: Furry Happy Monsters by REM and the Muppets

JessicaS said...

Yes, I have read a little about Sundin and his first games for the Canucks.
Too bad they have lost at home a few times now - I hope things will get better for them:)

Tal said...

Jessica - who are you? I don't think there's anyone else from Sweden who reads this blog...

~Jen~ said...

BEST Ad Campaign EVER:

~Jen~ said...

June....I wandered by recently and they were closed forever...:o( not surprising...I am a little relieved for the owners...they worked HARD and did not get a lot of payback for that hard work....I hope they didn't lose their shirts in the process...

Draper Phil said...

I'm a little late in the game for this one, but I'm having so much fun now I can't stop!

Best Beatles Album: Abbey Road (Revolver 2nd, THEN Sgt. Pepper)
Best Movie: The Godfather
Best Movie Soundtrack: Forrest Gump (Honorable Mention: The Big Chill)
Best Chess Player: Garry Kasparov
Best Chocolate: Lindor (we will also accept Godiva)
Best Male Hollywood Actor: Robert DeNiro
Best Female Hollywood Acress: Doesn't have to be Merril Streep?
Best cut of steak: fillet mignon
Best Seinfeld episode: The Contest
Best Bugs Bunny episode: The Barber of Seville

Anonymous said...
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Gretel Shuvzwichinstov said...

I thought of another best thing - Darlie toothpaste!

It has a sordid past, which is fairly obvious from looking at the tube, but it is the best tasting toothpaste I have ever used!

Steve said...

Best PB is actually almond butter freshly ground at the grocery store.