Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Sweet Joy of Laying In Bed Shoving Your Face Full of Food

This post is in response to comments posted by "anonymous".

First, I should say I hear anonymous's point that there is a natural variation in metabolisms, and that it is much harder for some people to keep fat off than others.

As it happens, I have had some experience with sustained overeating myself. The fattest I've ever been was this past spring - I hit 200 for the first time ever. That is about twenty five pounds over my normal weight, and it was virtually all chub (not muscle). (Also, I should mention I'm six feet).

What I did was shove my face full of food every night before bed, for months. Usually it was three (or more) pieces of my favourite sourdough bread, toasted, with melted cheese on it, with two giant glasses of milk, or a chicken pot pie and fries from the local pub. I also regularly augmented my cheese on toast with fried rib steaks. Every once in a while I'd eat an entire little tub of Haagen-Dazs (vanilla or vanilla bean). Sometimes I'd wash everything down with a Strongbow Cider (or two). Frankly, I friggin' loved it. I'd be eating right now if I could without packing on all that chub.

It's kind of easy to lose perspective on yourself, but I got a wake-up call when I went to the doctor's and weighed myself. "200! 200?! I've got to get myself together", I thought. So, I tried to change my eleven o'clock pig-out habit. It was tough. Laying there in bed, watching rugby on the big screen, whaling like Henry could I give that up?

I started to scale down my nighttime meals, and since I wanted to start playing rugby anyway, I also managed to track down the former strength and conditioning coach for the Canadian national rugby team, Dave Smit. He agreed to train me, so I paid for twelve sessions.

These turned out to be extremely intense "crossfit" style sessions, and I often could barely walk to my car after an hour (no exaggeration). By then I'd cut out my midnight mini-medieval feasts, and I was pretty amazed at how quickly I lost chub and started to get toned.

I haven't weighed myself for awhile, but I think last time I did I was 185 or thereabouts, but the extra weight is muscle, not chub, so I guess I'm okay for now.

But dang...I sure miss those feasts!


Anonymous said...

Your point is well taken. No doubt that eating loads of fun food, and laying around is going to put on the chub fast. My point was not to say that I never ever have overeaten or that I could not exercise more. If I am VERY mindful of everything that goes in my mouth, and workout everyday, I will lose weight. Unfortunately, not as fast as I wish. If I enjoyed myself in the way you did I would have gained 30-40 pounds easily, and it would have taken more then double the time as you to lose it....however, I'm not saying that it can't be done. I probably don't have the mental stamina I need to stick with it.
My main point is that if you see an obese person it does not always mean that they have eaten 4 big macs and a package of oreos everyday to get that is just a more complicated process for some. Pregnancy/hormones play a mean trick on some women, and for others it doesn't seem to make a difference.
I am diagnosed with Haschimotos Disease which means my immune system is attacking my thyroid. It started with the first pregnancy and got progressively worse with each one.
I do understand what your original point was though, I do get it.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Anonymous and Christine,I'm related to Tal and he often doesn't get the point when women make one, ha,ha.

Him overly sensitive control freak,you Venusian! Just joking Tal.

Stacey Lau said...

I've been known to enjoy my Haagen-Daz now and again. 'Tis delicious. But has to be chocolate, absolutely chocolate.

I read an article recently where they were doing research on metabolism. Serious metabolic disorders are pretty rare apparently, but many people think they have them. The doctors were surprised that when people were tested and their metabolisms actually ended up being normal, the patients were upset and disappointed instead of being relieved.

Without any excuses, having to eat healthy and go jogging everyday is a bugger.

Tal said...

Second Anonymous, I would respond to your point, but I don't understand it because you're female (rolling eyes...).

the wolf said...

Funny, my wife and I were just discussing this earlier today. The greatest impetus for weight gain in our experience has been getting married. They talk about the "Freshman 15" gained by first-year college students. I think it also applies to the freshman year of marriage.