Monday, May 12, 2008

Paul Harvey Turns Four Hundred and Twelve, and Other Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1:

It's funny - I still catch Paul Harvey now and again on the radio, just like I did ten years ago; and ten years before that; and ten years before that; and just like my parents did when they first got married, and when they were in high school, and when they were in junior high, and elementary school, just like their parents did as relative newlyweds. He was broadcasting from Pearl Harbor before Pearl Harbor was bombed. He's one of those guys who was old, like, in 1972. Yet he's still going strong (maybe it's all those vitamins he always tells everyone to take). Now my own kids catch him every once in a while...and literally, he could still be on air when I have grandkids. Pretty amazing.

Random Thought 2:

"Raisin' Raisin Awareness"

Well, all those Minuteman went down with their guns to the US/Mexican border to keep Mexicans out and "raise awareness" of illegal immigration. But I'm a lot more concerned about another kind of "immigration", which definitely should be made illegal. I'm talking about the immigration of RAISINS into foods where they don't belong. I'm talking about perfectly good cinammon rolls RUINED by the shriveled little blights. I'm talking about otherwise perfectly good chocolate chip cookies. I'm talking about otherwise good salads, and buns, and cakes, and breakfast cereals. I don't get it. Why are they there?

As far as I can tell, raisins belong in things like muesli and trail mix, and that's about it.

Random Thought 3:

Madonna looked great during the "Ray of Light" era. Now she looks like she's trying way too hard, and it's embarrassing.

Random Thought 4:

What's up with pro soccer jerseys not ever having the name of the team on them? All you see is the sponsor. Turn on any Premier League game and you'll spend twenty minutes trying to figure out which one's Reading and which one's Wigan. Can you imagine baseball or hockey jerseys looking like that? Instead of that "NY" on the Yankees uniform, you see the "Denny's" logo like the evil team on "The Bad News Bears"? So lame.

Random Thought 5:

I still spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about last year's Rugby World Cup, and it's starting to concern me. I keep reliving plays in my mind, like I'm in some kind of waking dream state...

I keep thinking about how tightly disciplined the South Africans were. It was like watching a single organism out there, or fifteen guys who could all read each other's minds. And Bryan Habana was fantastic. And kicker Percy Montgomery made Wilko (England's Jonny Wilkinson) look almost bush-league.

And I keep thinking about the Argentine team. As a former resident of Argentina, I was thrilled to see them do so well (third place overall, after South Africa and England). Coolest of all was watching their style of play. They were very unlike the super-disciplined South Africans - they were creative, passionate, spontaneous. Even the English fans were full of compliments for them (I watched most of the matches in a pub in Forest Hill, outside of London).

Random Thought 6:

Time for me to go to sleep.


zalia said...

When I hear Paul Harvey I giggle. The way he reads the news is like a rendition of "random thoughts"...know what I mean? I wonder if he likes raisins in his oatmeal. Has he always ended his broadcast saying.."this is Paul Harvey" as if it was a question?
I was thinking the same thing about Madonna. I think her body is fantastic for a 50 yr. old, but she's taken on a kinda hard look. I don't particularly like the veins popping out on the arms look like her and Angelina Jolie have going on...then again...that might just be natural for them. If I was a guy I would find that unattractive. Although I shouldn't talk. I'm fat...and if I was a guy I would find that unattractive as well.
I HATE seeing corporate stuff at sporting events. I'm not even into sports that much. But, I found it really hard to call Candlestick...Pac Bell Park.
So... back to raisins...are they really that awful in cinammon rolls?

Kathy Shaidle said...

I hear Harvey just signed another 10 year contract for millions!

Su said...

You know, I can't help feeling that you're being a little...."raisinist". What's next on your hit list? I'd hate to see the humble prune disappear from the almond and prune tartinade. Raisins are nature's candy and, therefore, must be afforded

Actually, I hate raisins in oatmeal cookies.

Stacey Lau said...

Love all your random thoughts. I always have too many...perhaps I should jot mine down sometime too.

random individual for raisins rights said...

I like ketchup on my macaroni&cheese. A matter of random personal preference like, for instance, raisins.