Saturday, December 8, 2007

England, Part III

Ah yes...the summer trip.

Well, this is how it went.

First of all, I should mention that for years my dad has gone on trips to Europe and Britain. And often he has invited one or more of his kids to go with him.

So over the years, my dad's taken my little brother Brigham, all four of my sisters, my half-sister, my step-brother on trips - everyone, that is, but me. For some reason, he never did invite me. It seemed strange - several of the other kids were even invited two or three times.

I always found this bewildering. Even more bewildering than normal was that this past summer, he actually invited not just my half-sister again, but my two oldest sons to go with him on his forthcoming trip. day in early July, a few weeks prior to leaving, he stopped by our house. He started talking about the upcoming trip with our two sons.

"Our trip's going to be fantastic!", he said. He had come to drop something off, and Tracy, he, and I were standing outside his car, parked on the street in front of our house.

"How so?", I asked.

"It's going to be totally phenomenal. This TV show's bringing me to Germany - they've done all this research into our family tree, and they're going to be bringing me and the boys around to show us gravestones, meet long lost relatives, everything. It's going to be fabulous!".

There was a silence of a second or two - and then Tracy did something very uncharacteristic. She said, "I bet Tal would love to go".

That brought Dad up short. Silence.

"Maybe he could just fly over on his own somehow, and meet up with you in Germany".

More silence. One second...two seconds...three seconds...Dad seemed to struggle for words.

"Hm. Well. Uh...right. Yeah. Sure. He could do that", said Dad. He said a quick goodbye and then was gone.

Well, there it was - out in the open for the first time. And by his reaction I could tell that in fact there had been some sort of weird issue (and no, I didn't bother asking...).

A few days later, Dad called me.

"Okay. I told Jill (one of his employees) to book a ticket for you to come with us. I also invited Lorelei and Banna" (my sisters). "This will be good because, uh...I know you haven't come on any before. I have to go now".

Well, at least I was going to England and Germany with my two oldest sons, my two sisters, my half-sister, and my dad. And, we'd be going on the family history tour of a lifetime - and there'd be a video crew tagging along to document it.

I got an itinerary from Jill a few days later. Lorelei, Banna, and I - flying in from Alberta, Pennsylvania, and British Columbia, respectively - would all arrive at London's Heathrow Airport around noon, then make our way to the Holiday Inn Express in Earl's Court. After a few days in London, we'd take off for Germany. Who knew what kinds of adventures we'd have?

More later.



Laura said...

well now I'm hooked. I want to know why you're never invited! I assume the documentary you're talking about the cbc show - I keep meaning to watch it and I miss it every week. Has yours aired yet?

Tal said...
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Banna said...

You sound like such a suck in the first part of this post. As your sister I can say it, although I suspect others would too. Anyway, I could go on and on, but won't. The trip was great, and you made it way more fun than the other millions of times I've been there without you. Dad told me that he's actually inviting all total strangers next time. Go figure.

Tal said...

Hi Laura

It aired last week, but I didn't see it.

I'll never know about the "no invite" thing...but at least I got to go once!